Based in Newmarket, we deliver all our bulk premium soils and aggregates to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and surrounding zones. Our professional team ensures reliable delivery with excellent customer service. Small loads to large loads–we can meet all your needs.


We accommodate for onsite pickup of all our bulk/bagged soils and aggregates. Our onsite skidster allows us to load your truck/trailer or we can load bags into your car. COVID safety protocols in place.


We provide a selection of premium soils and quality aggregates. We strive to offer great prices that match/beat our competitors while maintaining a higher quality. Our best-selling premium triple mix soil blend is what your garden is missing!


Our premium soils are all organic blends, we believe all natural is the best way to go to ensure healthy and successful plant & tree life. All of our soils are screened and blended to meet your specific needs.  Review our soil descriptions for more detail.

Top Dressing

Per cubic yard: $90
Per 30L bag: $6.50

Topdressing is a fully organic soil that is a high concentration of compost (non waste) and peat moss. It is a lighter soil that will retain water and settle easily into existing grass. This soil is most commonly used when top dressing an existing lawn or can be used to amend soil in gardens for increased nutrients and moisture retention.

Premium Triple Mix Soil

Per cubic yard: $50
Per 30L bag: $3.49

Premium Triple Mix Soil is an organic blend of peat moss, manure and screened topsoil. This equal blend of all three materials is ideal for encouraging the healthy growth of your vegetable and flowering gardens. This soil has a well-balanced pH level, holds water extremely well and resists compaction.

Ideal for: flower gardens, vegetable gardens, large container gardens

We are passionate about our triple mix soil and are pleased to provide you with the best.

Please note that bulk soil is delivered loosely and would be dumped onto the driveway.


We have a wide range of aggregates to meet the needs of your job. All are gravel material are limestone based to ensure a quality selection. All our aggregates are clean of debris and DO NOT contain any recycled material.

¾” Clear Gravel

Per tonne: $49
Per 30L bag (55 pound): $5.75

¾” Clear Gravel, often referred to as drainage rock, is a limestone-based material that has been washed. It is most commonly used for around weeping tile, behind retaining walls, French drains and as a general use ground cover.

Limestone Screening

Per tonne: $40
Per 30L bag (55 pound): $5.75

Limestone Screening often referred to as stone dust, compacts extremely well. It is most commonly used as the bedding (underlaying) for patio stone, interlocking, retaining walls and all other related hardscape products.


Shredded mulch knits together to help block out weeds and keep in moisture. It also acts as a slow release fertilizer with cedar mulch having pest-repelling qualities. Mulch is also an easy decorative option to make your landscaping look clean and maintained.

Black Mulch

Per cubic yard: $65


Black Mulch is an Ontario-forest wood blend dyed a deep black for long lasting, dramatic results. The fine shred of the mulch promotes a tight knit covering to help your soil retain moisture for your plants and also helps to prevent weed growth. The dark colouring helps to make your plants stand out.

cedar mulch

Natural Cedar mulch

Per cubic yard: $67

Natural Cedar mulch finely shredded and made with 100% Ontario cedar tree with no added colouring. The fine shred of the mulch promotes a tight knit covering to help your soil retain moisture for your plants and also helps to prevent weed growth. The fresh cedar smell can act as a 100% natural pesticide. Over time, the mulch will act as an organic slow-release fertilizer for your soil.
Bagged cedar mulch may be available at certain times of year: please call/text to inquire.


Decorative Stones

Decorative Stone is great way to help your landscaping project stand out among the rest. Our decorative stone are all granite based to help give your project a picture perfect look.
pea gravel 2021

Pea Gravel

Per tonne: $97

Per 30L bag (~70 pounds): $11.99

Pea Gravel is a 3/8” granite based stone that is often used between large gaps and large ground cover areas. It carries colour when wet, as well as a lighter grey / colour when dry, making it an excellent option for decorative ground cover material. Please note: product can vary slightly with each load we receive. Please stop by our Newmarket yard during operating hours to see our current inventory.

Decorative River Rock

Per tonne: $97
Small River Rock per 30L bag (~70 pound): $11.99
Large River Rock – per 30L bag (~70 pound): $15.99

Decorative River Rock is a mixture of rounded grey plus multi-coloured granite that is sourced in Ontario.
River rock is an attractive, versatile, low maintenance addition to any property and can be used for garden edging, pathways, rock gardens, lawn edging, container plant toppings, and more. We carry small river rock (roughly 1-3″) as well as larger river rock (roughly 2-4″)*.  As sizing and colour does vary with each delivery, we recommend stopping in to the yard during operating hours and taking a look at the current stock.

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We started GreenRidge in 2015 with the mission of providing quality landscape supply products without the big price tag. We often get asked why our triple mix is cheaper than our competitors?  Our answer is simple: we strive to provide quality garden soil while saving you money.