Tried many garden centres around Keswick and Georgina for soil and no wonder all reviews here about their soil, premium 3 mix is really a perfect garden soil here for vegies or flower beds. Its a perfect mix that very few centres doing and charge fortune, here you get best price and amaizing quality. For 3rd year buying from Patrick and everything blooming crazy in their soil, thanks Patrick, keep this soil, I am your customer.

Alex Z

I have been using their triple mix soil for two years now for my vegetable gardens. Have been getting amazing results since I started using their soil. I recommend them to all other home growers!

David Lee

Quick delivery, good prices, vegetable garden turns out fantastic every year.

Sara Laghari

A++ mulch. First job I have done in the area. Cedar mulch was fresh.

Val B.

Fast turn around and on time delivery. Thank you.

Joel W

My wife and I have been using the triple mix for a few years now in our garden and are VERY happy with the results. I have also ordered gravel from them last year and the price was much lower then others I got quotes from.

Cory S

Not usually one to leave reviews however Green Ridge went above and beyond in doing an emergency landscape job for us in December with this extremely mild weather. Not only was it done ASAP they did an amazing job and helped our event and planning stay on schedule. Extremely pleased with the results.

Angelo Boccitto