We have a wide range of aggregates to meet the needs of your job. All are gravel material are limestone based to ensure a quality selection. All our aggregates are clean of debris and DO NOT contain any recycled material.

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Clear gravel

¾” Clear Gravel

Per tonne: $51
Per 30L bag (55 pound): $5.75

¾” Clear Gravel, often referred to as drainage rock, is a limestone-based material that has been washed. It is most commonly used for around weeping tile, behind retaining walls, French drains and as a general use ground cover.

Limestone screening

Limestone Screening

Per tonne: $42
Per 30L bag (55 pound): $5.75

Limestone Screening often referred to as stone dust, compacts extremely well. It is most commonly used as the bedding (underlaying) for patio stone, interlocking, retaining walls and all other related hardscape products.

Crusher Run

¾” Limestone Crusher Run

Per tonne: $44
Per 30L bag(55 pound): $5.75

¾” Limestone Crusher Run is a mixture of 3/4” stone and screening. This material compacts well and creates a strong base. It is most commonly used where any solid base is first needed such as patios, driveways, etc.

high performance bedding

High Performance Bedding (HPB)

Per tonne: $49
Per 30L bag (55 pound): $5.99

High Performance Bedding (HPB) is an angular washed limestone that is free draining and will help deter soil migration. It can also be used as an alternative to limestone screening as it is self-compacting and has similar uses.

brick sand

Brick Sand

Per tonne: $36
Per 30L bag (55 pound): $5.75

Brick Sand is a finely washed clean sand.  It is most commonly mixed with cement to make mortar but can also be used for sandboxes, underneath pool liners and swept between the joints of interlocking pavers. Laying pavers? Check out Polysand.