Decorative Stone is great way to help your landscaping project stand out among the rest. Our decorative stone are all granite based to help give your project a picture perfect look.

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Decorative River Rock

Per tonne: $97
Small River Rock per 30L bag (~70 pound): $11.99
Large River Rock – per 30L bag (~70 pound): $15.99

Decorative River Rock is a mixture of rounded grey plus multi-coloured granite that is sourced in Ontario.
River rock is an attractive, versatile, low maintenance addition to any property and can be used for garden edging, pathways, rock gardens, lawn edging, container plant toppings, and more. We carry small river rock (roughly 1-3″) as well as larger river rock (roughly 2-4″)*.  As sizing and colour does vary with each delivery, we recommend stopping in to the yard during operating hours and taking a look at the current stock.

pea gravel 2021

Pea Gravel

Per tonne: $97

Per 30L bag (~70 pounds): $11.99

Pea Gravel is a 3/8” granite based stone that is often used between large gaps and large ground cover areas. It carries colour when wet, as well as a lighter grey / colour when dry, making it an excellent option for decorative ground cover material. Please note: product can vary slightly with each load we receive. Please stop by our Newmarket yard during operating hours to see our current inventory.