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Grass Seed

All of our grass seed mixtures are of the highest quality with each mixture designed to meet the needs of a variety of different lawn types. All of our grass seed mixtures contain lateral spread which promotes a thicker healthier lawn with fine blades that are dark green in colour. Ideal seeding times for lawns are in Spring and Fall.

How much will you need? Approximately 5 – 7 pounds covers 1000 square feet.

Deluxe Overseed is a good grass seed mixture for general over seeding on most soil types.

Quick Catch is a great grass seed mixture for over seeding or patching up bare spots where grass has a harder time growing.

Sun & Shade is a great grass seed mixture that contains ingredients that both thrive in shady areas as well as areas that get a lot of sun. It performs well in all soil types.

*Please note that varieties available for 2022 may change (call or message us on Facebook for our most up to date information)

Planning to overseed? Check out our Top Dressing soil

Seal King

Paving stone sealer helps win the fight against oil, dirt art salt while enhancing the colour of your paving stone. Count on a long lasting finish that makes cleaning your patio a breeze. We carry high gloss, semi-gloss and matte finish. We carry both a 5 gallon and a 1 gallon size.

Polymeric Sand (Poly Sand)is a mixture that is designed to bind together paver joints. Its high polymer content and unique composition will generate optimum results. It will resist most weather conditions such as freezing and rain. Apply in paver point and will harden after being exposed to water. Adding poly sand will help keep weed growth down and require lower maintenance.

We carry both grey and beige.

Seal Grip is a mixture to help create a textured surface without the sharp edges.

Tools and Accessories

We carry a small range of tools and accessories to make your landscaping projects easier. We carry a variety of shovels, hand weeders, rakes, tampers, Typar landscape fabrics, landscaping pins, tree watering bags, Seal King poly sand, Seal King paving stone sealer, and more.

Specialty soil blends and amendments are also available: potting soil, tropical plant soil, orchid mix, cactus mix, vermiculite, perlite, sphagnum peat moss, dolomitic lime, calcified phosphate, and blended fertilizers.

Don’t be afraid to ask us to add a shovel to your soil or gravel delivery as we can bring it with the delivery for no extra delivery charge.