Our premium soils are all organic blends, we believe all natural is the best way to go to ensure healthy and successful plant & tree life. All of our soils are screened and blended to meet your specific needs.
We have a wide range of aggregates to meet the needs of your job. All are gravel material are limestone based to ensure a quality selection. All our aggregates are clean of debris and DO NOT contain any recycled material.
Mulch is a great way to help your garden retain moisture for plant life while keeping weeds down and adding nutrients back into the soil. Mulch can also be an excellent decorative option to make your plants stand out and your landscaping look clean and maintained for the season.
Decorative Stone is great way to enhance any landscaping project. Our Ontario-sourced granite products will help you achieve that natural picture-perfect look.
We have a select assortment of tools to help you with your project; rakes, shovels, soil additives, fertilizers, landscape cloth, grass seed, and more.