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Black Mulch

Per cubic yard: $65


Black Mulch is an Ontario-forest wood blend dyed a deep black for long lasting, dramatic results. The fine shred of the mulch promotes a tight knit covering to help your soil retain moisture for your plants and also helps to prevent weed growth. The dark colouring helps to make your plants stand out.

coconut coir brick

Coconut Coir Brick

Per cubic yard: N/A

Per 10lb compressed brick: $37.99

Compressed coconut coir can be used in potting mix or as an organic soil amendment. Once water is added, it will expand and retain moisture, being able to hold on to 10x its weight in water. It can be used as an alternative to peat moss in soil blends.

Coconut coir can be used on it’s own to sprout seeds, propagate plants and provide support to the root structures of hydroponically grown plants.

Grown in a tropical climate, this does increase its saline (salt) content, so a few rinses prior to use is recommended.

Compressed coconut coir brick is available for a limited time. Call 416-816-1277 for availability.



Decorative River Rock

Per tonne: $97
Small River Rock per 30L bag (~70 pound): $11.99
Large River Rock – per 30L bag (~70 pound): $15.99

Decorative River Rock is a mixture of rounded grey plus multi-coloured granite that is sourced in Ontario.
River rock is an attractive, versatile, low maintenance addition to any property and can be used for garden edging, pathways, rock gardens, lawn edging, container plant toppings, and more. We carry small river rock (roughly 1-3″) as well as larger river rock (roughly 2-4″)*.  As sizing and colour does vary with each delivery, we recommend stopping in to the yard during operating hours and taking a look at the current stock.

Grass Seed

All of our grass seed mixtures are of the highest quality with each mixture designed to meet the needs of a variety of different lawn types. All of our grass seed mixtures contain lateral spread which promotes a thicker healthier lawn with fine blades that are dark green in colour. Ideal seeding times for lawns are in Spring and Fall.

How much will you need? Approximately 5 – 7 pounds covers 1000 square feet.

Deluxe Overseed is a good grass seed mixture for general over seeding on most soil types.

Quick Catch is a great grass seed mixture for over seeding or patching up bare spots where grass has a harder time growing.

Sun & Shade is a great grass seed mixture that contains ingredients that both thrive in shady areas as well as areas that get a lot of sun. It performs well in all soil types.

*Please note that varieties available for 2022 may change (call or message us on Facebook for our most up to date information)

Planning to overseed? Check out our Top Dressing soil

cedar mulch

Natural Cedar mulch

Per cubic yard: $67

Natural Cedar mulch finely shredded and made with 100% Ontario cedar tree with no added colouring. The fine shred of the mulch promotes a tight knit covering to help your soil retain moisture for your plants and also helps to prevent weed growth. The fresh cedar smell can act as a 100% natural pesticide. Over time, the mulch will act as an organic slow-release fertilizer for your soil.
Bagged cedar mulch may be available at certain times of year: please call/text to inquire.


pea gravel 2021

Pea Gravel

Per tonne: $97

Per 30L bag (~70 pounds): $11.99

Pea Gravel is a 3/8” granite based stone that is often used between large gaps and large ground cover areas. It carries colour when wet, as well as a lighter grey / colour when dry, making it an excellent option for decorative ground cover material. Please note: product can vary slightly with each load we receive. Please stop by our Newmarket yard during operating hours to see our current inventory.

Premium Triple Mix Soil

Per cubic yard: $50
Per 30L bag: $3.49

Premium Triple Mix Soil is an organic blend of peat moss, manure and screened topsoil. This equal blend of all three materials is ideal for encouraging the healthy growth of your vegetable and flowering gardens. This soil has a well-balanced pH level, holds water extremely well and resists compaction.

Ideal for: flower gardens, vegetable gardens, large container gardens

We are passionate about our triple mix soil and are pleased to provide you with the best.

Please note that bulk soil is delivered loosely and would be dumped onto the driveway.

Screened Topsoil

Per cubic yard: $30
Per 30L bag: $3.00

Screened Topsoil is an screened soil that has organic matter and is  used for laying under sod. This soil is a heavy based soil that is great for leveling and grading your lawn, filling holes, etc. This is suitable for filling in large areas.

Ideal for: leveling, grading, filling holes, laying sod

Seal King

Paving stone sealer helps win the fight against oil, dirt art salt while enhancing the colour of your paving stone. Count on a long lasting finish that makes cleaning your patio a breeze. We carry high gloss, semi-gloss and matte finish. We carry both a 5 gallon and a 1 gallon size.

Polymeric Sand (Poly Sand)is a mixture that is designed to bind together paver joints. Its high polymer content and unique composition will generate optimum results. It will resist most weather conditions such as freezing and rain. Apply in paver point and will harden after being exposed to water. Adding poly sand will help keep weed growth down and require lower maintenance.

We carry both grey and beige.

Seal Grip is a mixture to help create a textured surface without the sharp edges.

Tools and Accessories

We carry a small range of tools and accessories to make your landscaping projects easier. We carry a variety of shovels, hand weeders, rakes, tampers, Typar landscape fabrics, landscaping pins, tree watering bags, Seal King poly sand, Seal King paving stone sealer, and more.

Specialty soil blends and amendments are also available: potting soil, tropical plant soil, orchid mix, cactus mix, vermiculite, perlite, sphagnum peat moss, dolomitic lime, calcified phosphate, and blended fertilizers.

Don’t be afraid to ask us to add a shovel to your soil or gravel delivery as we can bring it with the delivery for no extra delivery charge.

Top Dressing

Per cubic yard: $90
Per 30L bag: $6.50

Topdressing is a fully organic soil that is a high concentration of compost (non waste) and peat moss. It is a lighter soil that will retain water and settle easily into existing grass. This soil is most commonly used when top dressing an existing lawn or can be used to amend soil in gardens for increased nutrients and moisture retention.

¾” Clear Gravel

Per tonne: $49
Per 30L bag (55 pound): $5.75

¾” Clear Gravel, often referred to as drainage rock, is a limestone-based material that has been washed. It is most commonly used for around weeping tile, behind retaining walls, French drains and as a general use ground cover.

Limestone Screening

Per tonne: $40
Per 30L bag (55 pound): $5.75

Limestone Screening often referred to as stone dust, compacts extremely well. It is most commonly used as the bedding (underlaying) for patio stone, interlocking, retaining walls and all other related hardscape products.

¾” Limestone Crusher Run

Per tonne: $42
Per 30L bag(55 pound): $5.75

¾” Limestone Crusher Run is a mixture of 3/4” stone and screening. This material compacts well and creates a strong base. It is most commonly used where any solid base is first needed such as patios, driveways, etc.

High Performance Bedding (HPB)

Per tonne: $47
Per 30L bag (55 pound): $5.99

High Performance Bedding (HPB) is an angular washed limestone that is free draining and will help deter soil migration. It can also be used as an alternative to limestone screening as it is self-compacting and has similar uses.


Per cubic yard: $40
Per 30L bag: $3.49

Manure is a fully organic soil that does not have any garbage or leaf compost within it. It is most commonly used to add nutrition to create higher vegetable yields. It is one of the best natural soil fertilizers that is all organic. It also makes up 1/3 of our triple mix soil. Please note that this is currently only available at the yard in the Spring and early summer, however, for inquiries exceeding 9+ cubic yards, please give us a call.

Brick Sand

Per tonne: $34
Per 30L bag (55 pound): $5.75

Brick Sand is a finely washed clean sand.  It is most commonly mixed with cement to make mortar but can also be used for sandboxes, underneath pool liners and swept between the joints of interlocking pavers. Laying pavers? Check out Polysand.